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About Us
دوخت وبرش کیسه گونی پلی پروپیلن

دوخت وبرش کیسه گونی پلی پروپیلن

Industry Ponoumnceam company founded in 1383 and its activities in the areas of installation, commissioning and design of production lines in factories began.

 The company specialized groups Valktrvnyk electrical, mechanical, software Afzarnvysy, technical design isThe printing and packaging machinery manufacturer since 1384 as a specialist in the activity and when placed permanently set to the profession, the following points have been considered:

 We always try and take advantage of new technologies and opening up their efforts to have On this basis, R & D engineers with the young and energetic and active from the beginning we thought there

Anything that comes into this category, and always moving forward and progressing to forget is bound to collapse We also believe that we have and what we aim to achieve higher efficiency will be more transparent
Manufacturing machines and quality of our obligations in this direction have been taken into account quality, customer satisfaction may Quality products and most importantly, maintain the quality and consistency of its products that provide incentives for the creation of future negotiations also opens.